Have a Business and what to provide a healthy life-style for your employees? Contact Amy today to set up these rates.

Please call 970-858-5300 during staffed hours or email brooke@fruitahealthclub.com for all membership options.  Please specify if you are looking for a single, couple, family, senior citizen or student rate.  Thank you!

Membership Type               2-yr delay          Pre-pay Year

Single                                        $34.95               $360

Couple                                      $57.95               $594

Family  (up to 4 people)  $77.95               $840

Senior                                       $25.00               $250

We have a couple different options for memberships:

1) 2 year delayed enrollment - This is NOT a 2-year contract.  This membership has NO up-front enrollment fees.  IF you stay for 2 years we completely waive this fee as our gift for you being a long term member.  IF you cancel, you pay the enrollment fee when you cancel.  All memberships do require a 30 day notice for cancelling .

2)  Pre-pay memberships - you are only committed for the time you pre-pay for.

3)  Please contact us for:

     a)  corporate rates

     b)  Silver Sneakers & Silver and Fit

     c)  Student Rates

     d)  Specials

     e)  Functional Fitness Classes