We have a couple different options for memberships:

1) 2 year delayed enrollment - This is NOT a 2-year contract.  This membership has NO up-front enrollment fees.  IF you stay for 2 years we completely waive this fee as our gift for you being a long term member.  IF you cancel, you pay the enrollment fee when you cancel.  All memberships do require a 30 day notice for cancelling .

2)  Pre-pay memberships - you are only committed for the time you pre-pay for.

3)  Please contact us for:

     a)  corporate rates

     b)  Silver Sneakers & Silver and Fit

     c)  Student Rates

     d)  Specials

     e)  Tru Fit Bootcamp

After you sign up online you will just need to pick up your 24 hour access key fob at the desk.  Members must be 18 to sign-up or have a parent sign for them.  Please be ready to show a valid ID when picking up your fob.  

Sign up HERE!  

Have a Business and what to provide a healthy life-style for your employees? Contact Amy today to set up these rates.